Latest Projects

Screenshot of Talk to me technology application

Talk To Me Technology

HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript - A free augementative alternative communication board

Screenshot of Tech Coffee Chat application

Tech Coffee Chat MVP

React, ExpressJs, MongoDb, NodeJs, JavaScript - Tech Coffee Chat is a full stack app built using the MERN stack. Users can create a profile, login with authentication, and then be matched with other users for tech coffee chats & conference buddies.

Screenshot of FaceMesh application

Real Time FaceMesh Machine Learning

Javascript, TensorFlow js, React, Node - Trained facial recognition model to detect facial landmarks
Real Time Analysis

Screenshot of Society Salon's website

Society Salon

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Node -Fully Responsive Client Website for Society Salon, a full service hair salon in Oregon.

Screenshot of Detour Artist Gallery website

Detour Artist Gallery

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS - Fully interactive & responsive artist gallery portofolio website for client.

Screenshot of Douglas County Glass Website

Douglas County Glass

JavaScript, HTML, CSS -Fully responsive client website for Douglas County Glass a multi-territorial commercial glass business in Oregon.

Cover photo of Youtube talk how to open source your project


Being a Maintainer- How to Open Source your project - A Walk through of how to open source a project on github.

Screenshot of Laurel Younis's talk for CodeLand Conference

Speaker CodeLand Conference 2022

Accessibility is not a mystery - An overview of web accessibility, learning resources, laws, testing & actionable steps you can take to get started in web accessibility